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Member in Discernment procedure manual

Student Aid Program for Members in Discernment

Procedure manual for licensure

Clergy continuing education financial aid information and application

UCC Ministerial Code

Search and Call resources

Financial and Insurance

Retirement Resources for Ministers

Church Ministry and Management

Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers

A Sure Foundation: resources for the relationship between pastors and congregations

Call Agreement Workbook

Boundary Training

Boundary Training for authorized ministers and Members In Discernment in the Wisconsin Conference will be done online. We have worked out an arrangement with Convergence, which has a well-developed boundary training program, to offer this at a discount to people in the Wisconsin Conference. We have reviewed their program and think its content meets many of our needs for boundary training.

We recommend not registering through the Convergence website.  Instead, please contact Susan Taylor for detailed instructions for the discounted registration cost. 

There will be no in-person boundary training offered by the Conference until at least June 2022. So those who are due for boundary training in 2021 and 2022 should sign up for this online option. There is no set time that this training is offered; participants are free to sign up at any time and finish at their own pace. Information on how to sign up is available through Susan Taylor at the Conference office.

In part, this is a response to the new realities we all face as a result of the current pandemic. But it also reflects work by the Conference Commission on Church and Ministry and its Boundary Training Task Force to develop new ways to offer boundary training, which is required for every authorized minister every four years in order to retain their standing in the UCC.

We hope beginning in June of 2022 to offer a combination of online boundary training along with one shorter in-person session.

Authorized ministers and Members In Discernment who are wondering if they due for boundary training can check with the Conference office; everyone due for training will also be notified through the annual information review form sent out to all authorized ministers each fall.

Manual on Ministry Update

The NEW 2017 Draft of the United Church of Christ’s Manual on Ministry can now be found online at In addition to the re-visioned draft MOM a new Discussion Guide, Chart of ‘what is still in discernment’ and ‘what can be used now’ as well as feedback forms are all available on that webpage.

Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers

A revised set of the Marks of Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers is now online at Updated companion resources such as a Marks Assessment Rubrics and new Journaling the Journey are currently available through UCC Resources (

All members of the United Church of Christ are encouraged to read, reflect and engage with these resources as we together commit to seeking faithful responses to God’s call for excellence in ministerial formation, authorization and oversight.

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