Five Practices

A facilitated process to help you make mission come alive for your congregation

Five Practices Program – Make Mission Come Alive!

Flyer about the Five Practices Program

Are you looking to jump-start a new initiative in your congregation?
Do you want to expand your ministry, but you’re not sure where to start?

The Five Practices program is a catalyst for implementing the change you want for your congregation. You will learn a process that can help you identify and achieve your ministry vision. Applicable to small or large projects, short-term or long-term change, the Five Practices process sparks ideas, as well as energy.

This facilitated program helps you stay on track, and ensures that there is follow through to achieving your vision for change. You will have guidance from a trained facilitator over six at-home sessions as you move through the process.

This program is based on the book Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations, which focuses on the five essential activities of vital, healthy churches. The Five Practices are:

  • Radical hospitality
  • Passionate worship
  • Intentional faith development
  • Risk-taking mission and service
  • Extravagant generosity

Your team will assess your church in these areas and create an action plan for strengthening your ministries.

How does this work?

  • Each church recruits a team made up of the pastor and at least three lay members.
  • Each leadership team will meet back home six times. The group works the Five Practices themes plus a planning session guided by a trained facilitator.
  • Some pastors have benefited from working with a coach for this program. We can provide a coach for the pastor for six sessions for an additional $100.

Your church will benefit from the Church Renewal Program if it:

  • Isn’t sure where or how to begin with a SHIFT;
  •  Has resources of faith, leadership, and finances that make it possible to devote time to a new project;
  • Is not experiencing serious conflict and has a pattern of healthy communication among members and leaders;
  • Can put together a team of lay leaders who can envision a different future;
  • Can commit to full participation in all six back home sessions and the gathering at the Conference Center.

To register or if you have program questions, please contact
Bonnie Andrews if you are in the SE or SW;
Cathy Wille if you are in NE or NW;
Tisha Brown  or your Associate Conference Minister.
• Take a short survey to indicate your readiness for the process.
• Recruit a team.
• Details: The cost to church includes: $225 registration fee to the Wisconsin Conference; the facilitator’s travel; and the cost of one book for each team member.
Please order books for you team – Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations (Revised and Updated) by Robert Schnase is available from several online vendors for around $15. (Please order the book for Fruitful Congregations, not the series on Fruitful Living.)


More Information

Bonnie Andrews if you are in the SE or SW

Cathy Wille if you are in NE or NW

Rev. Tisha Brown
Email Tisha

Flyer about the Five Practices Program


“I’ve reviewed the ‘Five Practices’ materials and am so excited to be a trainer for this program. Many of the make-sense suggestions the author gives for today’s churches are things we do in my home church, and we’ve found them to be very effective. I feel this program will benefit every congregation that jumps on board.” –Sandi Van Sistine, First UCC, Green Bay



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