Madison Area Jail Ministry & Backyard Mosaic Women’s Project

The Madison Area Jail Ministry (MAJM) provides the Chaplains for the Dane County Jail in Madison, Wisconsin. The Jail Chaplains are fully funded by contributions to the Madison Area Jail Ministry.

In 2017 MAJM will have been serving Dane County at the jail and in the community for 50 years. The ministry has called and provided funding for the ongoing presence of chaplains who serve those incarcerated, their families and Dane County staff.  We are a Christ-centered ministry providing spiritual care to all men and women incarcerated in the jail. Our work is ecumenical and interfaith, and we’d like our name to reflect this. We honor our Lutheran roots, while recognizing that the founders of the formerly, Madison Area Lutheran Council, intended the organization to grow and prosper.

The Backyard Mosaic Women’s Project (BMWP) provides a safe place for women who are recreating their lives after incarceration to gather, to heal, to grow, to develop their artistic skills and participate in the creation of community-based public art. This project was an outgrowth of MAJM.

Since 2004 the Backyard Mosaic Women’s Project has been one of the Outgrowth Ministries of MAJM. We meet at St. John’s Lutheran Church.  It is a time for women to come together to explore their spirituality and creativity together in an atmosphere of sobriety. It is a safe place for women to discover and develop their artistic skills as they return to their families and community from incarceration. It is also an opportunity to create community based public art.

Want to take action?

Our chaplains are available to lead worship and present to spiritual or community groups that are interested in the Jail Ministry. Chaplain Christa Fisher works primarily but not exclusively with the men and Chaplain Julia, the women.  We have tapestries woven from the Women’s Spirituality group available for a fundraising donation. Stoles can be commissioned. Mosaiced pieces are also available for donation and installations can be commissioned from BYMWP.

In 2017 we are asking parishes, congregations and community groups to help us celebrate our 50 years by planning monthly fundraising events. This is an exciting, rewarding and expanding ministry.

Contact Rev. Dr. Julia Weaver by email or at 608-658-5854 to learn more. Also visit our web and Facebook sites listed to on the right side of this page.

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