The Wisconsin Conference UCC provides grants and scholarships for a variety of purposes in two broad categories: support to congregations (primarily Catalyst grants and Creation Care grants) and leadership.


Catalyst Grants

Creation Care Grants

Northwest Association Creation Care Grants


Members in Discernment – Unified Freitag Fund – Wisconsin Conference Scholarship

Seminary Loan Repayment

Continuing Education Grant for Authorized Ministers

Dental Assistance Grant – St. John’s of Hartford created a dental assistance fund to help people in UCC congregations in Wisconsin with dental care expenses.

Ministerial Assistance Grants (often awarded in partnership with the Pension Boards) – Please contact your Associate Conference Minister to inquire about ministerial assistance.

Additional Grant Opportunities

The National Setting of the UCC offers grants that range from Ministry Education Scholarships to Leadership Development Scholarships to Program Grants. Please visit The UCC’s Scholarships and Grants page for more information.

Additionally, be sure to look outside the United Church of Christ for grant opportunities.  You might want to look at options like:

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