Be(Coming) the Church Today: Learning and Sharing in Community

Join in these topical conversations as we tackle the challenges of re-gathering, re-forming and re-newing our congregations

Be(Coming) the Church Today: Learning and Sharing in Community

A 5-week series of topical discussions held in June, 2021

What challenges are you encountering as we move to re-open churches and re-engage our worship communities?  What are you learning? What questions do you wish you had answers to?  These questions spurred the creation of this series of facilitated conversations focusing on the questions being raised as we move through this liminal/transitional period of re-gathering, re-forming and re-newing our congregations.  Participants broke into discussion groups to share what they are learning, and to hear from others about the steps we are all taking in our ministry contexts.  This is a season of sorting this all out.  No one has all the answers, but together we can figure this out.

After the discussions, we came back together in the general session and shared what we learned from our breakout conversations.  If you would like to view the recordings of these sessions you can find the links after each session title below.

  • June 2: Strategies for in-person re-gathering – discerning when and how to re-open. VIEW JUNE 2nd VIDEO   Whether you’ve been worshipping in person for a while or are still in the process of discerning your best timeline for returning to in-person worship, join this conversation – share your experiences, bring your questions. What needs to be considered as we make these important decisions? What guidelines are you using, how did you make the decision you made?  Co-hosts: Franz Rigert and Tisha Brown
  • June 9: Hybrid Hospitality: Intentional Invitations to Build & Rebuild Community  VIEW JUNE 9th VIDEO  What adaptations in our hospitality efforts need to be made as we transition out of a time of isolation? How do we stay in contact with those who’ve joined us online? How do we build and re-build our community connections? What are some best practices for engaging hybrid community?  Co-hosts: Franz Rigert and Tisha Brown
  • June 16: Cultivating a Hybrid Community (Without Burning Out)  VIEW JUNE 16th VIDEO  What are the questions to which we don’t have the answers? How do we form community when some of us are in the room and others of us are on a screen? How do we adapt to a new reality? What will we carry forward? What will we let go of?  Co-hosts: Franz Rigert and Tisha Brown
  • June 23: Mental Health and Spiritual Care: The Impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic on our Mental Health & Congregational Life  VIEW JUNE 23rd VIDEO  What are some mental health conversations we might want to be having in our congregations? What trends, patterns etc. are emerging that we want to be aware of as we provide spiritual care within our congregations and nurture our own well-being?  Co-hosts: Cathleen Wille and Lisa Hart
  • June 30: Tending the Soul: Ongoing Supportive Ministries  VIEW JUNE 30th VIDEO  As you plan for July, August and September, learn about opportunities for ongoing support.  Hosts: The Supportive Ministries Task Force



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