Catalyst application due dates are quarterly (see below).
While the application process is easy, please start your conversations now so you submit on time!

Video: How do I apply? What makes a good application?
4 minute video

Steps to apply for a Catalyst Grant

  1. Contact the program coordinator Mary Kuenning Gross: via email or at (262) 271-8990.  Your conversation with her is to share your idea, and to explore questions that can help you prepare your grant application.
    Talk to us early.  We do not expect you to have “all the answers” – these grants are about helping congregations decide to take a risk, as the members stretch into new good works in partnership with others from your local community.
  2. Apply online. The application is an online form that must be completed in one sitting. Download this pdf version to help you prepare to answer the questions. When you are ready, here is the link to the online form.  We accept applications year-round.

Due dates

  • Catalyst Grants for Short-Term Initiatives and Catalyst Grants for Community Conversations are both granted quarterly (May, August, November, February) based on review of applications received by due dates a month earlier: March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31.
  • (coming soon!  Catalyst Grants for Long-Term initiatives, using funds from the Leadership Forward capital campaign happening now)

The grant types are described on the “Which grant fits my idea?” page.


Catalyst grants help transform lives through innovative ministry for the 21st century. The strongest applications include members collaborating with people outside your UCC faith community.  The ideas have an impact and a vision that reaches beyond the local congregation to benefit the wider community context to which the congregation is called to respond.

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