What is the General Synod?

The General Synod is the governing body of the United Church of Christ and is composed of delegates chosen by the Conferences, voting members of Boards of Directors of Covenanted Ministries who have been elected by General Synod, and of ex officio delegates.  The General Synod convenes every two years, in odd numbered years.

The General Synod is the governing body of the national United Church of Christ, but it cannot “invade the autonomy of Conferences, Associations, and Local Churches, or impair their right to acquire, own, manage, and dispose of property and funds,” according to the UCC Constitution.

The national officers and board members of the UCC are elected at the General Synod. The General Synod also governs the finances and national structure of the denomination. It determines the relationship of the UCC with ecumenical organizations, world confessional bodies, and other interdenominational agencies and encourages conversations and even negotiations with other communions.

The General Synod adopts a variety of resolutions on church and public matters, with the understanding that the Synod is speaking to the congregations in the UCC, not on behalf of them.

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