Worship Services to Use

Virtual worship services for congregational use from the Wisconsin Conference, a minister in the conference, and the Council of Conference Ministers

The Council of Conference Ministers invites you and your congregation to use this worship service

The theme revolves around the Parable of the Talents, and it would fit nicely in this season of Thanksgiving (either Nov. 15 or 22), though we encourage you to make use of it whenever is best for you and your congregation. You may also choose to use some of the components of this service – available both in print form and video.  You can access these materials below:

Read-Only Service

Service Bulletin

Service from Rev. Elizabeth Hazel

Recognizing that many of you will want some time off following Christmas, we share with you a thirty-minute worship service from the Rev. Elizabeth Hazel, particularly fitting for December 27th or January 3. It contains a Greeting, Call to Worship and Opening Prayer, Scriptures, Sermon titled “Baby Jesus,” and Pastoral/Lord’s Prayers followed by a Benediction. You are welcome to use all of it, or pieces of it, and you are free to add music or additional worship components as you see fit. Elizabeth is one of our pulpit supply preachers, and offers this as a gift to the Conference! She lives in Park Falls, Wisconsin, and currently serves on the Conference Board of Directors as well as the Northwest Association Mission Committee.

Wisconsin Conference UCC Epiphany Service

The staff of the Wisconsin Conference and United Church Camps, Inc., are deeply aware of how the pandemic has transformed church life and worship. Though we have not been able to gather with you in person we have been gathering with you in spirit and through technology.

Here is an online worship service for your use during one of the Sundays in January 2021. The service is one way that we are reaching out to be with you and also to give those preparing regular online worship for the churches a bit of respite. This service is an Epiphany service. Please receive the service as an offering, not a requirement.

In addition to the video service, there is also a printed version of the sermon by Rev. Lorraine Ceniceros. Download the printed sermon here.

Lenten Service from the Wisconsin Conference UCC

Here is a full Sunday worship service provided by members of the Conference Ministerial Staff. The music features a band called Karma’s Mailbox. The scripture passage and worship theme are about healing, and it is designed to be used any Sunday during the season of Lent.


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