Transgender Issues resources

Here are a few UCC-related resources regarding gender identity

Call Me Malcolm film, produced by the United Church of Christ and Filmworks, Inc.

You can’t say the word transgender and people really know what you’re talking about. But anybody who says the word transgender means something different by it anyway, so it really is a story and not just a label. – Malcolm

Call Me Malcolm is an amazing story of the human spirit and God’s spirit, and the liberating struggle to realize and express with confidence the marvelous gift of one’s truest sense of self. As Malcolm shares his own story and through the stories of others we meet, Call Me Malcolm offers us a glimpse into the real lives of real people who are transgender. But it is only a glimpse. There are many stories to be told and Malcolm helps us make connections to our own stories, encouraging us to share them. That can seem daunting in a culture which has done more to heap shame on persons who identify as transgender. The good news of Malcolm’s story is the way in which shame and fear are overcome by grace, compassion and knowledge. Viewers cannot help but come to a deeper understanding of faith, love, and gender identity, and by doing so, arrive at a deeper understanding of their own journey. Watch film>

Becoming Trans-Parent, One Family’s Journey of Gender Transition by Annette Langlois Grunseth

Annette Grunseth is a poet and member of First Congregational UCC in Appleton. She has written this book of poems surrounding her journey through gender transition with her daughter. Read more>

Trans Tool Shed

The Trans Tool Shed, based in Milwaukee, is a leading resource for quality products and information for trans and non-binary people, and their loved ones.

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