Retiring Ministers

Following are some resources for retiring and recently retired clergy, and below you’ll find a link to a Facebook group. Let us know what additional information you would find valuable.

Retirement Resources – This is a compilation of articles for clergy preparing to conclude a ministry and/or entering retirement.  The articles address boundary concerns, reflections on healthy transitions and a sample of one church’s guidance to their congregation at the time of their pastor’s retirement.

Ethical Guidelines for Ministers Departing from Congregations, a UCC resource which covers Recommendations for transitions, best practices in retirement, and recommendations for ministers in specialized settings.

For the Departing Pastor: Checklist of Materials and Information, from the UCC Search and Call manual, section 1, resource 6.

Common Practices Regarding the Relationship of Ordained, Commissioned, and Licensed Ministers to Former Parishes, a resource from the Eastern Association of the Minnesota Conference UCC.

“Is ‘Stay Away’ the Only Way?: How Former Pastors Relate to Congregations They Previously Served”, an article from Alban by Trish Greeves.

Pre-Retirement Workshop – The Wisconsin Conference UCC will be offering periodic pre-retirement workshops led by Rev. Rob MacDougall, Associate Conference Minister.  These workshops primarily address healthy processes of retirement for churches and clergy.  They are not meant to provide significant financial guidance.  For those seeking financial planning information please contact The Pension Boards and sign up for their retirement seminar.



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