Conflict Management

The Wisconsin Conference recommends Sand Bur Consulting ( to provide conflict management services to congregations throughout the conference. In addition, we have a Conflict Transformation Team made up of trained representatives from each association who are able to assist congregations with conflict management. These response teams were trained by the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center ( in the fall of 2016. Please contact your Associate Conference Minister (Jane Anderson, Rob MacDougall or Lorraine Ceniceros) to inquire about the use of these resources within your congregation.

How to Deal with Church Conflict

This is an article from the Parish Paper on dealing with church conflict. Access the article here>


Conflict in Congregations Bibliography

Here are a couple of excellent books addressing conflict in congregations:

 “Change and Conflict in your Congregation (Even If You Hate Both)” by Rev. Anita L. Bradhsaw, PhD (Note: Anita Bradshaw was the keynote speaker in the NW Association’s 2016 annual meeting. Her work was well received and highly acclaimed.)

 “Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times:  Being Calm and Courageous No Matter What” by Peter Steinke. (Note: Peter Steinke is a widely acclaimed author in the area of church conflict and family systems. This text is being assigned as part of a 2017 Lay Academy class)

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