Nurturing the Soul Monthly Communication

The purpose of Nurturing the Soul of the Beloved Community is to lift up programs, writings, tools and strategies for nurturing and enhancing congregational life during this time of social distancing. Each edition will highlight a rich and meaningful article along with resource links and information about several support and nurturing programs available to your congregation and pastor.

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A Place Where We Can Trust and Be Trusted, April 2024

Listening: An Aspect of Building Community, March 2024

Community and Intimacy, February 2024

Creating Schools of the Spirit in Congregations, January 2024

Epiphany: Discerning the Way to the Divine, December 2023

It Begins with a Table, November 2023

The Discipline of Being in Community, October 2023

Nurturing the Soul, September 2023

Imagination and Hope, May 2023

From Preservation to Preserving for the Long Haul, April 2023

Some Tools for Discernment, March 2023

From Hope to Action, February 2023

Loving the World, January 2023

Toward a More Hope-filled Advent, November 2022

Gratitude and Hope, October 2022

Come and Find the Quiet Center, September 2022

It Just Feels Like Too Much, August 2022

From Tending to Renewing the Soul of the Beloved Community, July 2022

Crisis Leadership for God’s Beloved – Issue 16, April 2022

Lent: A season of discernment – Issue 15, March 2022

Ash Wednesday 2022: Grounded in Lent – Issue 14, February 2022

Behavioral Covenants – Issue 13, January 2022

Everyone was Welcome at the Manger – Issue 12, December 2021

Longing for Belonging – Issue 11, November 2021

Why WISE? Issue 10, October 2021

Can We Talk? Issue 9, September 2021

Re-entering, Re-orienting, Resurrecting – Issue 8, April 2021

“How Do You Lead When You Don’t Know Where You’re Going?” – Issue 7, March 2021

Patience: The Gift of Waiting We Need Right Now – Issue 6, February 2021

Shifting Gears in a New Year – Issue 5, January 2021

Feeling Different than Before COVID? Issue 4, December 2020 

Blessing the Advent Door – Issue 3, November 2020

Missing Community? Issue 2, October 2020

Tending the Soul of the Beloved Community – Issue 1, September 2020

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