Immigration links

This page includes links to numerous organizations involved with immigration and immigration justice.

Wisconsin Information and Advocacy Groups

On the US/Mexico border

  • Green Valley/Sahuarita Samaritans, the activities of these volunteers in the Arizona borderlands include water drops, desert searches, and regularly providing witness at immigrant-processing court hearings such as Operation Streamline , the mass, fast-track hearings at the Federal Courthouse in Tucson, where unauthorized migrants are prosecuted as criminals.  Calendar, Monday-Friday, click on “Tucson Operation Streamline Calendar” (on left side of page) for pdf copy of that day’s roster.  (Suspended because of COVID)
  • No More Deaths, a humanitarian organization based in southern Arizona dedicated to giving direct aid to migrants in the Mexico/US borderlands and stopping their suffering
  • Borderlinks, a non-profit offering experiential learning opportunities along the Arizona/Mexico border
  • Frontera de Cristo, a Presbyterian border ministry that provides support and educational/medical outreach to migrants in Arizona, and offers border immersion trips
  • Al Otro Lado, a non-profit providing free legal services to indigent migrants on both sides of the border
  • Derechos Humanos, a non-profit promoting the rights of all migrants, seeking public awareness and changes in governmental policies that result in human suffering
  • Humane Borders, a non-profit, volunteer-staffed organization that maintains a system of water stations for migrants in the Arizona Sonoran Desert
  • Kino Border Initiative, a Catholic non-profit that operates the Migrant Aid Center (El Comedor) in Nogales, Sonora

National Information and Advocacy groups

Governmental Entities Involved with Immigration

United Church of Christ

  • National Collaborative on Immigration (sign up to be part of the Collaboration here)
  • National UCC Immigration web page

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