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Welcome to the new Wisconsin Conference Kairos Call to Action website!  In these pages you’ll find resources and inspiration for our Creation Care ministry.  These pages will be updated frequently with stories, learning opportunities and action oriented resources. Check back often!

Creation Care Team Vision:

Inspired and guided by the United Church of Christ’s “Kairos Call to Action” adopted at the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ, the Creation Care Team of the conference seeks to covenant with and empower congregations and their members to faithfully care for creation through resourcing, advocacy, and connections.


A message from Conference Minister Rev. Franz Rigert on the Wisconsin Conference Kairos Call to Action

Dear friends and colleagues,

Early in 2020, just before the coronavirus set in, the UCC Council for Climate Justice issued an urgent plea to help rescue our planet from peril. The Kairos Call to Action invites congregations of the United Church of Christ to commit to a series of climate saving actions over the next 10 years. Guided by the Kairos Call to Action adopted at the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Conference of the UCC, the Conference seeks to covenant with congregations and their members, empowering all of us to take on the crucial work of climate justice.
We have seen floods submerge the south and fires ravage the west. We have witnessed continued threats to precious species and acknowledged that the “carbon reprieve” due to COVID-19 is short lived. We have confessed the disproportionate affect climate woes have on people of color and all who are marginalized. We wonder about the correlation between future pandemics and a climate in crisis. And we shudder in recognizing the intersectionality between climate stress and the vital needs of all humanity: nutritious food, clean water, safe air, and protection from natural disasters.
In this communication we are launching the Wisconsin Conference Kairos Call to Action! God has appointed us from the beginning of humanity to be faithful stewards of the earth and all that is within. Sadly, though, precious resources continue to diminish. The balance of our ecosystems is severely threatened. The very future of our children and grandchildren is uncertain. This crisis demands our spiritual and theological attention. It begs us to commit to a renewed “reverence” for all life. But, our most urgent imperative is to act now!
Read the entire message here>
You can also view Franz’s message in this video, and share with your congregation!

Conference-wide Kairos Call to Action Goals

The Wisconsin Conference, along with the Conference Creation Care Team, have offered these conference-wide goals for this decade-long Kairos Call to Action:
  • 100 congregations will engage in the Kairos Call to Action by the end of 2021.
  • 150 congregations will form a “Kairos Action Team” by the end of 2022.
  • Participating congregations will engage 50% of their community of faith in committing to the Kairos action steps in their individual households by the end of 2023.
We hope you will join in engaging this critical challenge!
Additional resources can be found here:  UCC Environmental Ministries

A Kairos Call to Action: 10-Years of Church Mobilization on Climate and Inequality

Read about the United Church of Christ’s Kairos Call to Action and how we can mobilize for the planet…and thus humanity itself. After reading about the Kairos call, click here to see the recommended actions that are being called for.

At the Wisconsin Conference UCC 2020 Annual Meeting on June 6, Rev. John Helt provided an introduction to this issue, which you can access via video or printed format.

Conference-wide Creation Care Team

The Creation Care Team’s primary focus is to encourage and support congregations in the Wisconsin Conference as they do what they can to care for creation.  The team endeavors to provide many resources for your creation care efforts.  If you would like to be a part of the Creation Care Team, or for more information on the Creation Care Team, contact John Helt, or Bob Ullman.

The Creation Care Team offers many webinars that can be viewed on demand.  Check out the Creation Care Webinars page and watch for news of future live webinars.

Be sure to check out our other Creation Care webpages for worship resources and information on the Conference’s solar array

The NEW Kairos Call to Action Newsletter contains articles and resources to support you and your congregation in your creation care endeavors.  You can see past issues HERE.  To be sure you don’t miss future issues sign up HERE.

Creation Care Grants Available
Would your church like help funding your next step to a healthier Earth?
  • Would a few hundred dollars make it possible to replace all the incandescent bulbs in the church with efficient LED lighting?
  • How about programmable thermostats to fully heat zones in your buildings only during the times they’re used?
  • Hiring a consultant for energy efficiency recommendations could lead to further fuel and money savings, or help get the advice needed to take the next step toward a solar installation.
  • Faith Formation materials that embrace care for our earthly home are also a possibility – creative outreach and education is encouraged!
In response to the Kairos Call to Action, the Conference Creation Care Team is offering grants of up to $1000 available to Wisconsin Conference UCC Congregations that are planning initiatives to deepen their love of creation and positively change their relationship with the environment. The application deadline is being extended October 31, 2020. For more information and to submit a grant application, go to Creation Care Grants. Contact Lisa Hart with questions.


Creation Care Team Co-leaders:


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