Immigration Justice

Immigration justice is one of the core justice ministries of the Wisconsin Conference. Congregations and individuals throughout the state are working to put our faith value of loving our immigrant neighbors as ourselves into practice by educating ourselves about immigration justice issues, advocating for immigrants and just immigration policies, and acting to support our immigrant neighbors with our time, our talent, and our donations.

Immigrant Welcoming Conference / Immigration Working Group

The Wisconsin Conference is an Immigrant Welcoming Conference.  To learn more about what this means and how your congregation and you can get involved in immigration justice work: Immigrant Welcoming Conference page.

Immigration justice news and actions

Links for more information about immigration justice

Wisconsin Information and Advocacy Groups

On the US/Mexico border

  • Green Valley/Sahuarita Samaritans, the activities of these volunteers in the Arizona borderlands include water drops, desert searches, and regularly providing witness at immigrant-processing court hearings such as Operation Streamline , the mass, fast-track hearings at the Federal Courthouse in Tucson, where unauthorized migrants are prosecuted as criminals.  Calendar, Monday-Friday, click on “Tucson Operation Streamline Calendar” (on left side of page) for pdf copy of that day’s roster.  (Suspended because of COVID)
  • No More Deaths, a humanitarian organization based in southern Arizona dedicated to giving direct aid to migrants in the Mexico/US borderlands and stopping their suffering
  • Borderlinks, a non-profit offering experiential learning opportunities along the Arizona/Mexico border
  • Frontera de Cristo, a Presbyterian border ministry that provides support and educational/medical outreach to migrants in Arizona, and offers border immersion trips
  • Derechos Humanos, a non-profit promoting the rights of all migrants, seeking public awareness and changes in governmental policies that result in human suffering
  • Humane Borders, a non-profit, volunteer-staffed organization that maintains a system of water stations for migrants in the Arizona Sonoran Desert
  • Kino Border Initiative, a Catholic non-profit that operates the Migrant Aid Center (El Comedor) in Nogales, Sonora

National Information and Advocacy groups

Governmental Entities Involved with Immigration

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