Immigration Justice

Immigration justice is one of the core justice ministries of the Wisconsin Conference. Congregations and individuals throughout the state are working to put our faith value of loving our immigrant neighbors as ourselves into practice by educating ourselves about immigration justice issues, advocating for immigrants and just immigration policies, and acting to support our immigrant neighbors with our time, our talent, and our donations.

Immigrant Welcoming Conference / Immigration Working Group

The Wisconsin Conference is an Immigrant Welcoming Conference.  To learn more about what this means and how your congregation and you can get involved in immigration justice work: Immigrant Welcoming Conference page.

Refugee crisis in Ukraine

(Please be aware that the refugee crisis caused by the war in Ukraine is rapidly-changing and information shared here may be outdated by the time it is posted.)

Learn about what you and your congregation can do to help refugees from Afghanistan

  • Mary Kuenning Gross is serving as the Welcoming Our Afghan Allies Partner in Service Volunteer for the Wisconsin Conference.   Mary is working to establish relationships with government-designated resettlement agencies and with Wisconsin conference congregations enaged in the ministry of Afghan refugee resettlement. 
    Email Mary or call
    (262) 271-8990
  • On March 22, 2022, the Immigration Working Group sponsored a Zoom conversation, “After Fort McCoy: Immigration Justice Here and Now with Our New Afghan Neighbors”, about ways congregations around the state are welcoming our new Afghan neighbors.  Presenters included the Rev. Peder Johanson, the Volunteer Coordinator for Afghan Refugee Response with the Wisconsin Council of Churches;  Mary Flynn, Program Manager for Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin & Upper Michigan; and Ginny Close of the newly-formed group, Welcoming New Neighbors-NW WI Refugee Resettlement.  Access a video recording of the workshop here.
  • The Immigration Working Group hosted a Zoom workshop, “Scenes from Our Own Backyard: Supporting Afghan Refugees”, with Rev. Irene Hassan, Minister for Refugee and Migration Services for the UCC, on Thursday, November 4, 2021. Watch a recording of the workshop here.

More general informaton on helping Afghan (and other) refugees:

Other relevant immigration information

Links to organizations involved with immigration and immigration justice

For links to numerous state, national, and international organizations involved with immigration and immigration justice: Immigration links page

Immigration justice resources

For resources to learn more about immigration justice: Immigration justice resources page



Lisa Hart, Wisconsin Conference staff

Mary Kuenning Gross
Grants and Scholarship Coordinator & Welcoming our Afghan Allies Partner in Service volunteer
(262) 271-8990

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