Immigrant Welcoming Conference

The Wisconsin Conference is proud to be an Immigrant Welcoming Conference

2017 resolution to become an Immigrant Welcoming Conference
After a year of study, the delegates at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Conference voted to become an Immigrant Welcoming Conference.  You can download the resolution here: Immigrant Welcoming Conference Resolution. This resolution calls on our congregations and on us to become active “Immigrant Welcoming Congregations and Communities”.

What is the Conference doing to live into the resolution?

Immigration Working Group
The Immigration Working Group (IWG) is a group of Wisconsin Conference clergy and lay leaders who are concerned about immigration justice.  We work to stay informed about and provide support for efforts in our local congregations to support refugees and immigrants, including those who are seeking asylum in the United States.  The IWG connects monthly (usually on the first Tuesday of the month at 1pm) via Zoom, maintains an email list, and sponsors/produces informative online webinars and workshops.

To learn more about how to get involved with the Immigration Working Group, email Lisa Hart, Associate Conference Minister for Faith Formation and Justice Ministries.

The Immigration Working Group is hosting an “Immigration Justice Reset Update” workshop on September 30 from 6:30-8pm; registration is now open, and more information on presenters and topics will be posted in August.  Click here to register for the September 30 workshop.

The Immigration Working Group urges congregations to sign and circulate this petition to make COVID-19 vaccines available in Haiti.  The country of Haiti is now experiencing an alarming spike in COVID-19 cases, and there are no vaccines currently available in Haiti.  In addition to the widespread political violence and turmoil in this ravaged nation there is now great concern that Haiti could be devasted by COVID-19.  The Wisconsin Conference Immigration Working group urges members of our congregations to sign and circulate this petition initiated by and “Faith In Action” calling upon the Biden administration to send surplus doses of vaccines to Haiti immediately.  This will both reduce the chances of additional suffering and loss of life in Haiti, and also make it less likely that Haitian immigrants carrying the virus will bring more cases into the U.S. Use this link to sign the petition.

Watch the recordings from the three-part Zoom series, “Immigration Justice Reset”.  (Spring, 2021)

  • April 20: In recognition of the many ways that justice issues intersect, this workshop, “Justice Reset: Advocating as People of Faith”, was co-sponsored by the Creation Care Team. Katie Adams, Policy Advocate for Domestic Issues in the UCC’s Washington, D.C. office, shared practical tips for effectively advocating for justice issues.
    • Access the video recording of the April 20 workshop here.
  • March 16: A conversation with Carole Anne Donohoe and Katia Cardoza of Al Otro Lado‘s Family Reunification Project about their work.
    • Access the video recording of the March 16 workshop here.
  • February 16: A conversation featuring Noel Andersen, the UCC & CWS Grassroots Coordinator for Immigrants’ Rights, the Rev. Randy Mayer of Good Shepherd UCC in Sahuarita, Arizona, Katie Adams, Policy Advocate for Domestic Issues in the UCC’s Washington, D.C. office, attorney Linda Zuba, and representatives from Al Otro Lado.
    • Access the video recording of the February 16 workshop here

Watch the “Stories from the Border” webinars (Summer and fall, 2020)
These informative webinars, presented by the Immigration Working Group and McFarland UCC’s Not In Our Name campaign, feature reports from Rev. Randy Mayer of Good Shepherd UCC in Sahuarita, Arizona, and Linda Zuba, an attorney from Rockford, IIlinois, active in immigration advocacy.  Noel Andersen, the UCC & CWS Grassroots Coordinator for Immigrants’ Rights, and Katie Adams, Policy Advocate for Domestic Issues in the UCC’s Washington D.C. office, offer updates on the work being done by the United Church of Christ on the issue of immigration justice.

The Immigration Working Group is connected with the National Collaborative on Immigration (sign up to be part of the Collaboration here) through Justice and Witness Ministries (Immigration) of the United Church of Christ.

How can your congregation (and you) get involved in immigration justice?

It doesn’t matter if your congregation is large or small, urban or rural, rich or poor.  Congregations of any size, in any location, and with a range of financial resources can help their members and their community understand that loving our neighbors means all our neighbors.

Watch the workshop on Immigrant Welcoming Congregations (Summer, 2020)
The Immigration Working Group put together a workshop, “Immigrant-Welcoming Wisconsin: Living Out the Resolution”, to address how congregations are living out our resolution to be an Immigrant Welcoming Conference, with ideas on how churches might get involved in their communities or at our southern border.   Watch the workshop here.

Reach out to immigrants in your community.  Give them a chance to tell their stories.  Listen to what they need.

Educate yourself, your congregation, and interested members of your community about immigration justice

  • Put together a reading/video list (for example, “Teaching about Immigration” by Teaching for Change)
  • Organize a small (or large) group read or a movie night
  • On the southern border:
    • Attend the annual  Santa Cruz Valley Border Issues Fair, “Common Ground on the Border” (see Good Shepherd UCC website for more information)
    • Sponsor a border trip (for example, through Borderlinks)

Work with local or regional partners
Whenever possible, partner with immigrant communities and with organizations with expertise in the area of immigration justice. Working with partners speeds up the learning curve, helps you to find experts, and demonstrates that we want to provide what people truly need, not just what we think they need.  Partners are more likely to know local needs.  Partner organizations will vary from region to region and may include:

Donate to local, regional, or national organizations that support immigration justice

Stories and articles from Wisconsin UCC congregations


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