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Faith in Action – Conference-wide Justice Working Groups

There are many conference-wide groups in action, working on a range of justice issues.  You are welcome to get involved with any of these groups as they work towards a just world for all. And if you have a passion that isn’t reflected in existing groups, you are welcome to form a new group!

Follow the links above and on the right to learn more about what’s going on around the conference in these justice efforts.  If you’re interested in joining a Justice group, contact the people above.

Other justice concerns –


Courageous Faith: How to Rise and Resist in a Time of Fear, by Emily C. Heath.  “For Christians, resistance is written right into our baptismal vows. Following Christ means resisting oppression and evil wherever we might find it. Doing that work requires us to first rise up, face our fears, and cultivate courage that can sustain us for the journey.”  Heath creates a way forward for those who wish to live lives of faithful, sustained, courageous resistance.  Heath is a United Church of Christ minister currently serving as Senior Pastor of the Congregational Church in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Make a Shift with Justice Ministries

Throughout the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry we read stories of Jesus actively engaged in restoring the marginalized to community, healing the wounds of oppression, lifting up the downtrodden and sharing meals with outcasts. Through his ministry, Jesus brought about transformation for individuals, for his community of faith and for the world. As followers of Christ we are invited to do the same.

On these pages you will find a number of ministries taking place all around our conference through which we do our very best to stand in solidarity with those who are oppressed, marginalized, downtrodden and outcast in our communities and around the world. We hope you will find something here to support your congregation in its efforts to transform lives and our world through Justice Ministries. If you aren’t finding what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.

Thank you!

If you would like to share your congregation’s ideas, successes or resources about justice ministries with others, please contact us.


United Church of Christ Justice Resources

Understanding the Issues
Doing justice, seeking peace and building community are central to the identity of the United Church of Christ. We invite you to explore the breadth and depth of the UCC’s justice work. Join us in building a stronger faith-based movement for peace, justice, equality and inclusivity. Our work is rooted in the teachings of scripture and the policies of our General Synod.

Take Action
Here you will find information and links to take action on current justice issues.

Additional Resources
Many more resources are provided on the UCC website.

Public Policy Advocacy Guide
The Public Policy Advocacy Guide provides tips, tools and theological insights for understanding our call to advocacy, engaging in organizing, and getting your message heard by decision makers are included. This is your one-stop tool for engaging in faith-based advocacy!  To request hard copies of this resource contact Helga Mingione at 216-736-3700.


Wisconsin Council of Churches

The Wisconsin Council of Churches provides resources on numerous areas of advocacy, including various guides.  Advocacy Resources

Additionally, the WCC website has resources for specific public policy issues:


A history of justice work in the UCC and Wisconsin Conference

Kay Hallanger, member at First Congregational Church, Baraboo, compiled these informational bulletins to celebrate the past 60 years of the United Church of Christ. In addition to general UCC history, her bulletins address some of the major areas of focus for our conference right now, from a historical perspective: race, gender, immigration and peace. Check them out here>


United Church of Christ Justice Ministries Resources

Wisconsin Council of Churches advocacy resources

“Inclusion Starts With I” – View Video

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