Break the Silence Sunday

Break The Silence Sunday is an effort to open up a conversation within the church about rape and sexual assault. Within the context of our faith communities we hope to
(1) acknowledge the reality of rape and sexual violence in our world;
(2) support survivors by creating a place where they can tell their stories, feel loved and supported, and find encouragement on their healing journey;
(3) commit ourselves to the work of changing the world, creating a future where rape is a memory.

Who are we?
We are a group of people of faith. Some of us are pastors, others are lay members. Some of us are musicians, poets, visual artists, dancers, writers. Some of us are members of the United Church of Christ, but others are Lutheran, Episcopalian, or Methodist, and all of us have a deep appreciation and experience of the wisdom in the breadth of the Christian tradition.

What are we doing?
We are working to provide resources to help churches support survivors of rape and sexual assault, and to advocate for changes to the culture that allows rape to continue, and perpetuates victim blaming, and shaming.

We are creating a dedicated Sunday in the church calendar, the Fourth Sunday of April each year, when, within the context of worship, the voice of survivors is heard, and honored, their pain acknowledged, and the community commits itself to the work of ongoing reflection, support, and social change. We will provide churches and pastors with prayers, litanies, reflections, scripture ideas, sermon starters, music suggestions, and more so that they can use these resources within their particular faith communities and contexts.

We would be happy to work with congregations to adapt liturgy, to offer support and encouragement to survivors in their communities, and to engage in education around issues of rape and sexual violence.  Contact Moira Finley.



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