SHIFT: From Maintenance to Mission is a conference-wide initiative designed to support your congregation in exploring fresh paradigms for ministry in the 21st Century.

Rev. Tisha Brown explains the SHIFT Initiative in this video presentation from the Conference Annual Meeting.  View the video to get an understanding of the purpose of this initiative and how it can benefit your congregation.

The links at the right offer many resources for your congregation to explore change. Check out the videos, discussion guide, coaching opportunity and more.

Why SHIFT?  What’s it about?

Most of us assume the Christian Faith will still be around in 50 years; we just don’t know what the ministry or the Church of Jesus Christ will look like! One thing is for sure – it will change.

While many of us are focused on the decline of our congregations, we are also curiously aware of the rise of spirituality in our communities. This seems like a crazy contradiction, but in reality it is an exciting phenomenon.

It may feel counter-intuitive, but God is calling the Church to a vision and a ministry beyond our buildings and budgets. God is calling us to the places where our Christian faith and the needs of the world intersect. At these crossroads, lives will be transformed as people from all walks of life work together for a more just and generous world.

Today as never before, the Spirit urges us to take thoughtful risks for the sake of bringing grace and goodness to this fragile and fearful world. This same Spirit calls all us to a Shift – from the institutional patterns of the past to the entrepreneurial possibilities of the future.

Such a bold calling is daunting. That’s why we want to invite your congregation into a conversation that will ultimately identify a particular dimension of your ministry in which you might consider making a strategic change.

We envision this initiative as a partnership between the Wider Church and your congregation.

What’s most important, however, is that your congregation remains true to God’s unique vision and calling for your ministry.

Follow the links at right and on other Shift pages to find Shift resources to help in your congregation’s journey.

If you have questions about SHIFT contact Rev. Tisha Brown.


Be The Church Planning and Assessment Guide

Because of the resonance with the “Be the Church” banner across the life of the UCC, the national UCC has been working to develop some innovative, adaptable, and concrete resources for congregations. The goal of these resources is to support local churches in embodying more fully each of the “Be the Church” statements within their community contexts. The first resource—the Be the Church Mission Planning Guide—provides congregations with a process for planning and engaging in this work, as well as assessing and discerning missional directions. Over time, our hope is to develop more detailed resources around strategic planning, realigning church resources for greater missional impact, measuring outcomes, and listening/engaging one’s community to assess needs.

Read more about Be The Church on the national UCC website.

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