Awakened by the Rev. Franz Rigert


Last Sunday I was awakened by the chirping of the birds. A warm spring evening finally allowed for open windows and fresh air!

In the year of the pandemic, many of our “awakenings” were not so sweet. Frightened awake by a virus that has now claimed over 3 million lives globally. Shaken by the reality of social isolation, economic shutdown and political tensions over masks and vaccines. Stirred by the Black Lives Matter movement, particularly considering the long litany of lives lost to police brutality. Startled by the reality of shuttered churches and challenging new technologies. Jolted by questions of keeping our congregations intact and garnering sufficient resources to carry on.

Yet we witnessed so many blessings! God’s grace became vividly apparent through the dedication of medical professionals, the diligence of frontline workers and the generosity of neighbors. While Zoom fatigue became our mantra, digital connecting was our social salvation. With vaccines readily available, there is a sense of hope and excitement in the air.

With the coming of Easter, we celebrated the resurrection story, and began to see the paradigm of restoration and renewal taking place in our own lives.

Recently our field staff gathered in person for the first time in a year! All fully vaccinated, we savored an amazing day of collaborative work and reconnecting. How we had longed for this!

Later, I took part in a backyard garden ceremony, with spring flowers bursting forth and birds singing sweetly as the breeze of God’s Spirit blew through the trees: a holy moment.

Ask yourself:

Where do you experience God’s spirit awakening you?
How do you experience God’s spirit awakening you?
What will you awaken to in this new day?

Like the sprout destined to emerge from a dormant bulb, we are coming into a new season!

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