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Welcome to The Damascus Project!

We are a collaborative leadership development effort of the Minnesota and Wisconsin Conferences. Our mission is to develop an outcome based, integrative, holistic approach to leadership development. This approach is grounded in our rich Christian tradition as it engages in vital conversation with the blessings, challenges joys and sorrows of today’s church and the world.

We have developed an innovative approach to teaching and learning that is outcome based and grounded in the Marks for Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers. We are convinced that these Marks are foundational for all people of faith regardless of their sense of call. We are in the process of implementing and assessing our approach and are inviting people of faith in both Minnesota and Wisconsin to join us on this exciting journey.

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Returning to Sacred Texts and Finding Stories You Can Live In

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Dr. Pamela Shellberg, Instructor

February 4, 2019 – April 5, 2019

Course description
There is no lack of bad biblical interpretation available these days, one consequence of which has been almost a wholesale rejection of the Bible and the Christian tradition it undergirds. But even for those who stand in the tradition and hold the Bible in high regard, reading it can feel intimidating and complicated, and its message distant and maybe even a little bit irrelevant.

This course will give you the opportunity to:

  • Discover what happens in the act of reading and what the implications are for reading the Bible, so that the Bible can become a source of wonder, wisdom, and inspiration for you;
  • Learn some specific tools to increase your competence and strengthen your confidence in reading and interpreting the Bible;
  • Spark your spiritual imagination so that you might understand and appreciate more deeply the circumstances of your own life by finding your story in the sacred stories of the Bible;
  • Become better equipped to respond to and lead today’s changing church by engaging your community’s stories with the sacred stories of the Bible.

Cost: $250

About the Instructor:

Dr. Pamela Shellberg is the Scholar-in-Residence at The BTS Center, crafting programs for imaginatively responding to changes in the church and in life that are grounding in biblical narratives. Pam was the assistant professor of New Testament at Bangor Theological Seminary and also taught at Andover Newton Theological School as the visiting professor of New Testament studies. She is the author of Cleansed Lepers, Cleansed Hearts: Purity and Healing in Luke-Acts (Fortress Press, 2015) and has written several articles and discussion guides for Bearings. A teacher, speaker, and consultant for lay ministry schools in the UCC and the New England Synod ELCA, she thinks and writes about the metaphors in poetry, art, and music as lenses for bible reading and as tools for interpretation.

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