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What is Our Church’s Wider Mission?

Our Church’s Wider Mission, or OCWM, is the name we use to describe the work we do as the United Church of Christ beyond the local church – through our Conferences, national ministries, and UCC-related institutions. Your congregation’s ongoing commitment to Our Church’s Wider Mission provides essential ministries that resource, strengthen and sustain all of our local churches in the Wisconsin Conference.  The resources below will help your congregation learn more about Our Church’s Wider Mission at the Conference level.

Wisconsin Conference OCWM Education Resources 

Following are DOWNLOADABLE MATERIALS that you can use with your congregation to highlight work being done in the Conference setting which is supported by Our Church’s Wider Mission.

NEW! – A short video about OCWM featuring Franz Rigert, which you can use in your congregation.

Wisconsin Conference Resources for Congregations – This handout lists the breadth of resources and services available to congregations from the Wisconsin Conference

75% of OCWM contributions stay in Wisconsin to support congregations.

Letter from Pastors/Lay Leaders to Congregation Members – This letter with information about Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM) can be customized for your church and send to congregation members, or published in your church newsletter and on your website.  This link also includes a letter to pastors

“There is someone to call – A letter to a congregation showing how that congregation has benefitted and can benefit from contributing to OCWM.  This letter is generously shared by its author, Rev. Bill Utke, pastor of Emanuel UCC Hales Corners

Wisconsin Conference Annual Report – This annual report provides stories from around the Conference highlighting OCWM at work, and offers charts showing how conference revenue is allocated.

Also check out the Conference OCWM web page.

“Camp is a special place for our family. There isn’t another place on earth that makes my family smile more.” UCCI camp participant

National United Church of Christ OCWM resources

National UCC OCWM resources can be found at

National UCC stewardship resources can be found at

The following resources highlight work being done in the national setting which is supported by Our Church’s Wider Mission.

UCC OCWM Video – This brief video (1:40) highlights how OCWM gifts are used nationally and throughout the world.  (Click the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the video to turn on the sound.)

OCWM Brochure – This brochure highlights how OCWM supports national and global ministries.

Electronic Giving – Consider offering e-giving to your members. E-giving makes it easy to receive offerings consistently, even when church members vacation or spend winters away

UCC Annual Report Video – “2016 was a great year for the United Church of Christ.” Check out some of the highlights in this video annual report (2:30).


“We felt lost when our pastor left. We had no idea what to do. Now we’re about to call someone new and it feels really good. We deeply appreciated (our ACM’s) guidance through the search process.”
– Search committee member


Wisconsin Conference OCWM educational resources – see left column
Wisconsin Conference OCWM definition and information
National UCC OCWM Resources
UCC Stewardship Resources for your church
“5 for 5” churches in the Wisconsin Conference (2016)

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