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What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is the re-envisioned Church Development and Renewal team.  Catalyst’s mission is: resource and encourage vital and innovative ministries that transform lives.

The Catalyst Team, made up of representatives from all four associations, is working to spur, spark and stimulate innovation and creativity in congregations throughout the Wisconsin Conference in a variety of ways. One of our primary efforts is to provide grant funding to congregations in the Wisconsin conference that are developing vital and innovative ministries that transform lives.  We will also consider grants for urgent short-term support that bridges congregations through crisis back to vitality.

Funding for vital and innovative ministries available now

We are seeking opportunities to support initiatives in congregations throughout the conference that align with these ministry areas:

  • community-based ministries
  • multicultural literacy
  • justice ministries
  • emerging ministry staffing and governance models
  • leadership development and
  • faith formation

We hope to advance the Shift: From Maintenance to Mission initiative by:

  • inspiring innovative ministries
  • encouraging collaborative practices
  • nurturing leadership development
  • curating resources
  • networking ideas and best practices

Catalyst will accept requests throughout the year. Grants are awarded based on the merits of the program and availability of funds. Requests should typically be less than 50% of program costs with a typical maximum of $5000.

Submissions are accepted in April and October yearly. Deadlines for submission:  October 8, 2018; April 1, 2019; October 7, 2019. Click on these links for copies of the grant guidelines and grant proposal form.

For questions, contact Tisha Brown: or (608) 846-7880.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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