Annual Meeting 2018

Why are We Afraid? The Winds and Waves of Race and Privilege

Don’t miss this chance to hear the dynamic Rev. Traci Blackmon! She will preach and deliver a keynote address at our Annual Meeting this year.

The 2018 Annual Meeting will continue to build on the Shift towards being the church of the future, moving from maintenance to mission. Annual Meeting is one of the ways churches can gather resources to help them to carry out their transformational work in the world. At this year’s meeting you will have plentiful opportunities to dialogue with others from around the conference who are engaged in important ministries in their congregations.You’ll be energized by insights into innovative ministries and see how churches are positively impacting their communities and working towards a more just world.

With our inspiring guest speaker, the Rev. Traci Blackmon, Executive Minister of Justice & Local Church Ministries for The United Church of Christ, we will look deeper into the complexities of racial injustice.  Additionally, workshops will provide tools and insights in several areas of justice work.  And the 9 conference-wide justice working groups that have arisen in the past year or more will share their vision and tell you how you can get engaged on a justice issue that spurs your passion.

For more information, go to the Annual Meeting website at  Registration is open!

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