Annual Meeting

The 2018 Annual Meeting  will be June 8-10
at Green Lake Conference Center




2017 Annual Meeting Recap, by Franz Rigert

Click to read Franz’s Annual Meeting Highlights


Video highlights from 2017 Annual Meeting

  • John Dorhauer, President and General Minister of the UCC, offered a very inspiring and motivating keynote. John’s passion for justice came through in heartfelt stories. Learn more about the vision of the UCC in this video.  View video
  • On Friday evening, Franz spoke about “Our Unfolding Story.” He shared thoughts on how we can move forward while remaining rooted in our spiritual values and faith traditions. “We can re-envision the church as mission bound… a verb, suggesting a radical transformation… Church, as the delivering of justice. Church, as the outpouring of compassion… Church, as the overturning of systems of inequality and prejudice… For God is still calling us, Church, onward.”   View video
  • Franz’s Sunday sermon offered wise words for our lives, asking us to hold a “both-and” perspective. This sermon excerpt sets the stage: “The story of God’s goodness and grace throughout history is a story of expanding possibilities, of widening welcomes and broad inclusion . . . it’s not a story of diminishing and restricting and excluding. The story of God’s open-ended Spirit (which blows where it will blow) is BOTH-AND (permission giving), NOT either-or (parameter limiting).” If your congregation hasn’t already seen the video Franz provided before annual meeting, feel free to share this version with them.   View video
  • As requested, we also have the slides from Rev. Everett Mitchell’s moving presentation on Saturday morning, for those who were present to hear him.   Download slides pdf


Photo of 2017 Annual Meeting stage set for download


2018 Annual Meeting June 8-10

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