The Northwest Association of the Wisconsin Conferences offers support to local churches. Our constitution below defines our role.

Current Pulpit Supply list


Leadership Scholarship (available)

Scholarships are available for leadership development workshop events. The United Church of Christ and the Wisconsin Conference offer many day to week-long workshop opportunities for church administrators, faith formation educators, stewardship, church growth and renewal, etc.
We are offering these scholarships up to $150 per person/per event/per year.


Technology Grants available to congregations (available) Corrected email


Camp Scholarship Applications ( available)

Scholarships are offered year-round, based on availability.

All students who are members of NWA UCC churches will automatically receive a $50 scholarship when they register for a Faith Formation Retreat at Moon Beach or Daycholah Center.​

Youth Regional and National Events (available)

Mission Scholarships

Church sponsored mission trip scholarships

Mission Survey Form 2020 (PDF)

Mission Survey form for email




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