Mission of Church in the World

The Division of the Mission of the Church in the World gives scholarships for mission and work camp trips, supports NWA churches in their promotion of the “5 for 5 “ fund raising campaigns for the wider church and is a clearinghouse for mission, local and in the world.

Neighbors in Need Bulletin insert, 2019

The Division on the Mission of the Church in the World supports local congregations in areas of mission, stewardship, and social concerns.  We are currently working to promote the 5-for-5 program of United Church of Christ  mission offerings:  Our Church’s Wider Mission, Neighbors in Need, One Great Hour of Sharing, Strengthen the Church, and The Christmas Fund.

If you would like help in adding your church to the list of 5-for-5 churches,  please contact the Division on Mission of the Church in the World through the Association  Office or through the chair, Reverend Elizabeth Hazel, morrinhazel@pctcnet.net.

Mission Speakers

Do you want to focus on mission in a lively way?  Invite one of our mission speakers to preach some Sunday morning: Carol Merriman (especially on Back Bay), Kay Treu (especially on Back Bay), and Elizabeth Hazel (mission in general).  Or contact the chair, Elizabeth Hazel (see above) for more information.


The Northwest Association has scholarship funds available for participation in workshops, trips, or other experiences which advance the constitutional charter of the Division on the Mission of the Church in the World (mission, social concerns, and stewardship).   Click here for a scholarship application or contact the chair, Elizabeth Hazel for more information.  (see above)

In addition to our mission trip scholarships for the Northwest Association, the Division of the Mission of the Church in the World is offering a new scholarship for funding NWA church-sponsored mission projects or programs (in your church or community) that focus on social, environmental or justice issues.  For purposes of your planning, scholarships approved by our committee have a $200 cap.  Scholarships will be granted as long as we have sufficient funds.  Scholarship application

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