UEK German Partnership

A partnership between the Moers Church District in Germany and the Southwest Association of the Wisconsin Conference UCC was formed in 1986. This ecumenical relationship began during an age of nuclear proliferation in both East and West Germany. The Superintendent of Moers sent an invitation to the Southwest Association Minister asking to discuss theologically the topics of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation. The talks were fruitful, resulting in a formal partnership.

The basic components of the UEK/UCC partnership are:

1.) Exchange of youth groups and adult groups.

2.) Exchange of papers on theological and ecclesiastical problems.

3.) The establishment of a group of lay and clergy who meet regularly for common work.

4.) Exchange of reports of annual meetings and minutes of these events.

5.) Exchange of clergy for longer periods to work as pastors in parishes for 6-12 months.

6.) Development of a “third world” project to deepen the partnership.

The Working Group seeks participation from other interested members of congregations within the Southwest Association in order to provide new energy, ideas and leadership. Serving on this committee is more than attending a few meetings per year. Each member of our working group has traveled to Germany at least once. More than likely, you’d be asked to travel to Moers at some point in the future as part of a delegation from the Southwest Association. It is through these visits that the groundwork is prepared for new exchanges and opportunities to further the partnership.


If you are interested in working with this group please contact Bob Mutton 


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