Wisconsin Conference UCC Congregations Gather to Cross-Pollinate Creation Care Efforts

Members of a dozen congregations from across the Wisconsin Conference got a chance to talk about their shared creation care work during a gathering on Saturday evening of Annual Meeting weekend.

It was a tremendous opportunity to share experiences and learnings – real “cross-pollination.”

Three of the congregations represented had used Kairos grants to further their already-established creation care ministries. Three others came to the circle wondering how to get started.

We heard about . . .

  • best practices of well-established “green teams”
  • ideas like fall “fix-up-the-church Sunday” events with a creation care focus
  • ways that congregations are integrating their own on-site efforts, e.g., a vegetable garden, with the efforts of their wider communities, e.g. food pantries

And we heard a loud and clear longing for a similar – but larger! and longer! –  gathering of Wisconsin Conference congregations . . . something like a “green team summit.” Before long we were hatching an idea for such a gathering to be held at Daycholah Center in the near future.

If you would like to help encourage such a gathering, please email John Helt.

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