Arts and Worship Resources

Resource for application of the arts to worship:

Laura Allison, Celebration: Banners, Dance and Holiness in Worship, Wilmington,Pa: SonRise, 1987 

Diane Appostolos-Cappadona, ed., Art Creativity, and the Sacred, New York: Crossroad, 1989 

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For Studies of Art, Worship, Worship Space, and Liturgy 

African American Experience in Worship and the Arts, New Haven: Yale University Institute of Sacred Music, Worship, and the Arts, 1992 

Doug Adams and Michael Moynahan, editors, Post-Modern Worship and the Arts, San Jose: Resource Pub., 2002 

John W. Cook, “To a Parish on the Verge of Construction or Renovation, “pamphlet published by the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries, Division of the Evangelism and Local Church Development, in Partnership with the Fellowship of United Church of Christ Architects. No date 

Janet R. Walton, Art and Worship: A Vital Connection, Wilmington : M. Glazier, Inc., 1988 
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For Attitudes toward Religion and the Arts 

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Paul Corby Finney, editor, Seeing beyond the Word: the Visual Arts and the Calvinist Tradition, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1999 

*Frank E. Gaebelein, The Christian, the Arts, and Truth: Regaining the Vision of Greatness, Portland: Multnomah Press, 1985 [Good book to begin reading] 

Paul Giles, American Catholic Arts and Fictions: Culture, Ideology, Aesthetics, Cambridge, England: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1992 

Gregor T. Goethals, The TV Ritual: Worship at the Video Altar, Boston: Beacon Press, 1981 
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Albert Rouet, Liturgy and the Arts, Collegeville, Minnesota: The Liturgical Press, 1996 

Franky Schaeffer, Addicted to Mediocrity: 20th Century Christians and the Arts, Westchester, Illinois: Crossway Books, 1981 
Richard Viladesau, Theology and the Arts: Encountering God through Music, Art, and Rhetoric, Paulist Press, 2000 

*Donald Whittle, Christianity and the Arts, Philadelphia : Fortress Press, 1966 [Good book to begin reading) 

* Wilson Yates, The Arts in Theological Education: New Possibilities for Integration, Atlanta :Scholars Press, 1988 [Good book to begin reading.] 

Resources on Internet or from catalogs 

Ecclesiastical Arts Catalog and/or Handcrafted Paraments. 

Christian perspectives on the various arts.

Christians in the Visual Arts 

Free Christian Photography

The Index of Christian Art. A database of Christian Art provided by Princeton University. 

Religious Art on the Web. List featuring contemporary Christian art and artists.

Cathy Townley, “Musings on Art- and the Relationship to Worship in the 21st Century,”

Jerry Hames, “Adding Art To Worship: Nancy Chinn transforms Liturgical Spaces,”\

“Environment and Art for Worship,” Assembly, Notre Dame Center for Pastoral Liturgy,

Supply catalog for gossamer and other “environment” materials.
“Stumps”catalog: phone number 1-800-348-5084 

Silk fabric and dye supplies
Dharma Trading Co: phone number 1-800-542-5227. 

Images of Christ 

Gabriele Finaldi, The Image of Christ, London: National Gallery; distributed by Yale Univ. Press, 2000 

David Morgan, Visual Piety: A History and Theory of Popular Religious images, Berkeley: University of California Press, 1998 

Jaroslav Pelkian, The Illustrated Jesus through the Centuries, New Haven: Yale University Press, 1997 

Masao Takenaka and Ron O’Grady, The Bible through Asian Eyes, Auckland, New Zealand: Pace Pub., 1991 

Anton Wessels, Images ofJesus: How Jesus is Perceived and Portrayed in Non-European Cultures, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1990


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