Generosity Learning Opportunities

Learning opportunities are available for those interested in building stronger annual pledge campaigns in your congregations.

With 22 years as a local church pastor and a history of success connecting people’s passions with generative opportunities and initiatives, Rev. Andrew Warner shares best practices and a wealth of experience with workshop participants.  


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Presenter: Andrew Warner
Offered in late summer

Designed for pastors and lay leaders planning an annual pledge campaign, we will explore ways to create an effective campaign using the materials provided by the national setting of the UCC.  The webinar will include developing a campaign calendar, key messaging, recruiting advocates, engaging lay leadership in making early pledges, and thanking donors.

Invite others in your congregation to join in this webinar too, and gain a good foundation for planning a pledge campaign that will be stronger than ever.

There is no fee for participating in this webinar, however registration is required so we can send you the link to join the webinar.



Presenter: Andrew Warner
Webinar Series  offered in early all

Generosity doesn’t just touch our wallet but engages our soul.  We can more deeply consider the spiritual implications of giving, moving beyond a short blessing in worship or celebrating that “God loves a cheerful giver.”  How do we think about growth, challenge, crisis, and transformation in our giving?  Through a series of four webinars, we will discuss the Book of Ruth and John 10 in order to plan an off-lectionary sermon series for a stewardship campaign.  Each webinar will help participants plan for a Sunday of the campaign.  This sermon series will root the pledge campaign in a broader focus on the spiritual practice of generosity.

The August webinar will be a planning session designed to help pastors plan out their fall campaign using the theme, and to develop ways to support each other collaboratively in the creation of messages, prayers, and letters for a fall stewardship campaign.  (The session was recorded in case you weren’t able to participate in August.)

There is no fee for participating in this webinar, however registration is required so we can send you the link to join the webinar.



If you’d like to bring this on-site workshop to a group of churches in your area, please contact Andrew Warner.

Insights from the best practices of philanthropy can revitalize congregational annual campaigns. This workshop will look at three practical steps:

  • Engaging key leaders in developing a “case statement” for the congregation
  • Planning for ways to communicate the case in the lead up to Pledge Sunday and throughout the year afterwards
  • The importance of gratitude throughout the process

You will leave this workshop with a good foundation for planning and implementing a stronger annual campaign, while enhancing communication and expression of gratitude towards your congregation members.

These workshops are made possible by your contributions to Our Church’s Wider Mission.

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