UCC Everywhere: Websites for Churches

Affordable Church Websites Through UCC and the Wisconsin Conference

Local congregations inspire hope and change lives.  That’s why the Wisconsin Conference does whatever it can to strengthen local churches, especially now when people need hope in their lives.

The longing of people for hope can be measured in Google searches.  This last quarter, people searched twice as often for “church near me” than they did this same time in 2019.  People seek out community in this isolating time.

We want UCC congregations to be in the best position to respond to people seeking a faith community.  A quality website optimized to show up in the Google search results can be an important evangelism tool.  The Wisconsin Conference Emergency Fund can provide financial resources to help make this attainable.

The UCC Everywhere program of the national church gives your church the opportunity to have a modern, functional and custom website so that faith-seekers and current members alike can learn and engage in what your church has to offer. Expert web developers create a site with your custom information, which you can then manage and update as desired. You will have full editing and administrative control of your website once it is completed. Tutorials on how to maintain your website will be provided.

In addition to the basic website, your site will include feeds of fresh content (e.g. UCC news, devotions) which are updated daily by national church staff.  You’ll have the opportunity to add online giving and your website will be created to make your site stand out to key search engines.  Participants also gain access to a learning center with information on how to enhance your social media.

You can learn more about UCC Everywhere at ucceverywhere.org. Click on Product Features for detail.  Also check out the websites of these two UCC Everywhere congregations:

Is your congregation poised to focus on evangelism, engaged in innovative ministry, and ready to try something new?  Please consider becoming an ‘early adopter’ of a UCC Everywhere site.

Through the support of the Wisconsin Conference Emergency Response Fund – which provides grants to congregations adapting to the reality of the pandemic – we can offer discounts on the typical cost of a UCC Everywhere site.  Normally the program costs $69/month or $750/year with a three-year commitment.

With the support of the Conference’s fund, we can provide discounts ranging from 20% to 100% of the cost for the first three years. We’re asking leaders interested in participating to let us know the level of discount they need to take advantage of this program.  We trust in the discernment of our leaders to determine the level of assistance needed.  The more people seeking 100% (or free) websites, then the fewer we can help overall.

Here’s what you’d pay at each discount level:

  • 20% discount, $600 annual cost to church
  • 40% discount, $450 annual cost to church
  • 60% discount, $300 annual cost to church
  • 80% discount, $150 annual cost to church
  • 100% discount, $0 annual cost to church

Ready to move forward with a UCC Everywhere site?  Then please fill out this simple form to get the process started. 

Contact Andrew Warner if you have questions, comments, or concerns about this opportunity.  Funds will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis until we can no longer provide discounts.

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