Congregation Care

Resources to help pastors and leaders care for the people in their congregations

Help for Older Adults and People with Disabilities

Your local Aging and Disability Resource Center is a government agency that helps families and individuals find the right care for their loved ones. ADRC’s match older adults and people with disabilities with services that help people stay as independent as possible for as long as possible. ADRC’s also do education programming on issues such as diabetes maintenance, Alzheimer’s Disease, pain management, and caregiver support.

The ARDC can help congregations to put on a program with broad appeal to older adults, people with disabilities, their family members, and those who love someone with a long-term illness. Your ADRC may be willing to speak about their services on a Sunday morning or a week night. They may be willing to hold an education series on good nutrition at your church. They may be willing to help you become a dementia-friendly congregation. You can find out your Aging and Disability Resource Center through at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website. Give them a call and bounce around ideas. The ADRC’s services are generally free.

A resource for Assisted Living in Wisconsin is offered by and provides comprehensive information on topics like financial support, organizations, and available care options that are in every city in Wisconsin that can help senior citizens stay connected with their community.

Opioid Crisis Resources

Prevent Elder Abuse

From the National Center on Elder Abuse, check out this document on what anyone can do to help prevent elder abuse.


More Safety and Safe Conduct Resources

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