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In this dynamic era, churches need nimble leadership and cultural readiness in order to maximize their impact and blessing for the sake of the world as followers of Jesus Christ. Readiness 360 embodies the belief that the most fruitful congregational renewal initiatives come from healthy congregations where strong leadership focuses on spiritual intensity, dynamic relationships, missional alignment and cultural openness. Readiness 360 is a web-based assessment tool used by participants in your congregation and potential stakeholders to provide input about your church from their individual vantage points.  A composite report of the results of the assessment provides feedback to the leadership of your congregation about its current capacity to adapt your ministry and mission in the most promising and fruitful areas for you.  You can find more information at

A trained facilitator is available to meet with you and your leadership team to explore whether Readiness 360 could be a helpful tool for you and after completion of the survey to help you interpret your results and support you in developing next steps.

You determine the best timing for completing the assessment.  A detailed timeline is laid out at the Readiness 360 website under Tools – “Launch Timeline for Churches.” Look through the FAQs section under About on the website for more detailed information to help you interpret Readiness 360 to your congregational leaders.

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