“Our God Is Holding Us Together Now” – Words and music by Jacob Nault

“Our God Is Holding Us Together Now”

Words and music by Jacob Nault

©2020 Jacob Nault, all rights reserved.


Jacob is working on a music video of this song for congregations to use in pre-recorded or live-streamed worship services. Until then, you may distribute this audio recording and lyrics to your congregation, or use it in worship. Sheet music is also available upon request, so your congregation or musicians can sing it! Please include the copyright information above in projection and worship aids.

This song may be used in public worship and any other aspect of congregational life (including live-streaming and archiving on social media for later viewing) for non-commercial purposes only. Please email Jacob to let him know you will be using it. A small honorarium for the use of the song is much appreciated, so that Jacob may continue providing ministry to the wider church in this way. Jacob is a Member in Discernment in the Wisconsin Conference UCC.


Audio file:



“Our God Is Holding Us Together Now”


It’s been so long since we have been together in this place

Lifted voices up in praise, or greeted a smiling face

We are the same people still

But we are not the same

As what we know turns upside down

We trust in what remains:



We are held in the sacred story of beloved community

Of laughter, tears and faithful work

To dream God’s glorious dream

Yet even though we’re far apart

Our faith tells us somehow

Our God is holding us together now



Learning how to be the church in new and different ways

Knowing that the love we share will give us strength today

To work for justice, love and hope, till all have what they need

Till what God wills comes to the world

For righteousness and peace



We know we are held in Love

until we meet once more

Cherished friends, or even those we haven’t met before

We’ll give thanks for all the saints who’ve shown the way of faith

And we’ll share in new things to come as we trust God leads the way



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