How to Create Virtual Worship Services

Live Streaming How-to

Video: How to Livestream Your Church Service in 4 Easy Steps.  Learn how to “Go Live” at church using only a cell phone and a tripod!  View video

Webinar: Creating Live-streamed Worship. March 24, 1:00 pm, free.  Register here

Webinar On-Demand: How To Use Live Video in Your Ministry.  $10 for unlimited viewing, from the Center for Progressive Renewal.  More info and register here 

Webinar On-Demand: Getting Started with Church Online: Sharing what we know to help with online worship, Bible studies, and meetings.  Register here

10 Best Practices for Remote Worship and Devotions, PDF download from Wisconsin Council of Churches

How to do Church Online – Webinar March 22nd, 1:00 pm CDT.  Will also be available on demand after the 22nd – so REGISTER even if you can’t participate on the 22nd.  Topics will include:

  • Why to do church online
  • How to livestream
  • Facebook Live vs. YouTube
  • Pastoral Care in a digital world
  • Digital resources for faith formation

Find examples of live streamed church services courtesy of Wisconsin Council of Churches here


Music Licenses

OneLicense is offering free licenses to churches in light of the coronavirus, so that they can legally stream their music.  OneLicense website

Helpful video regarding music licensing by Chalice Press.  NOTE: All streamed hymns in the Chalice hymnal are waived through Easter SundayChalice Press video

Copyright for Music, Liturgy and other Resources (from Wisconsin Council of Churches website) – Music and Intellectual Property: be aware of copyright! Avoid pre-recorded music. Music in the public domain is acceptable and shouldn’t cause you any issues. If you are streaming worship, you will need a streaming license that covers your songs (yes, even if you have the hymnals). Visit CCLI, OneLicense, or your usual music licensing provider for the add-on license to cover this circumstance. If you are going to post worship on Youtube, make sure you include a disclaimer with your permission/licensing so your recording is not removed.

Bulletins – While a streaming license covers broadcasting the music and lyrics that may be projected, it usually does not cover printed (hard copy or electronic) materials like bulletins or song sheets you may post online or mail out.

It’s possible that Facebook or YouTube could cut off livestreaming worship during services. Facebook and YouTube are acting pursuant to their own policies and may not be aware that the church has a license for the particular song. The church would need to pursue resolution of that issue with Facebook and/or YouTube individually.


More resources can be found on the national UCC website at


Wisconsin UCC churches that live-stream worship.

Please let us know if your church can be added to this list.

  • First Congregational, Appleton – 8:45am and 10:30am : Website or FB Live
  • First Congregation, Janesville – 10:00am: Facebook Live
  • McFarland UCC, McFarland – 10:00am: Website


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