Online Meeting Resources

Several online resources exist for holding virtual gatherings.  Conference and national UCC staff use Zoom extensively. Zoom is an affordable, easy-to-use web platform.  In this time of social distancing your church may want to give it a try, if you aren’t already using Zoom.  The conference is currently offering grants of $50 to congregations who are setting up the Zoom meeting platform, thanks to a gift that arrived just a few days ago for this very purpose. To request a grant email the conference office.

The cost for Zoom is $15 per month for unlimited meetings of up to 100 people, and you can cancel any time. There is also a free account option for meetings of up to 40 minutes.  Go to the Zoom website at to get started.

You will find tutorials on the Zoom website.  Also here are basic “how to” instructions for scheduling meetings, as well as a Helpful Hints for Participants guide.


Other options for online gatherings are Skype and Google Hangouts/Meet. Facebook Groups can be an option for private groups of congregation or committee members.

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