Holy Week and Easter Resources

Maundy Thursday Service Recorded
National UCC staff along with young clergy from around the country (including Wisconsin) have recorded this Maundy Thursday Service.  All are welcome to share this service.

Easter message videos

Original worship videos from the Rev. Colleen Kwong
The Rev. Colleen Kwong, pastor at Hope UCC, Cochrane, is making her original videos available to others to use in worship.  Colleen and her son made the Potter’s House video last week. It’s less than 5 minutes in length, and has been well received. (Not a talking head!)

Colleen will be making several more at least for Palm Sunday and Easter. “For Palm Sunday, and its quick turnaround from celebration to suffering, we will invite people to dance and sing with joy and hope, then make time during the week to sit silently with God, learning to feel empathy, to pray, to connect with the hurting world and learn how to release these concerns to God.  “Easter: I will talk about how Living Hope, while feeling the emotions and traumas of our time, means creating fresh ideas and responses to help heal the world and ourselves.”

If you use these resources, Colleen would appreciate knowing where they are shown and shared. Please send her a quick email.

Holy Week and Easter devotional materials
The Rev. Kathy Gloff, Somers Community UCC, is sharing devotionals that she wrote for Holy Week and Easter. Download them, tweak them if you’d like.

  • Palm Passion Sunday Devotion:   (PDF file)    (Word file)
  • Maundy Thursday Meditation:    (PDF)    (Word)
  • The Stations of the Cross:    (PDF)    (Word)
  • Easter Devotional:    (PDF)    (Word)

Holy Week and Easter Season resources from Worship Design Studio
Dr. Marsha McFee of Worship Design Studio offers theses Holy Week and Easter Season resources.   “We have produced a way for you to lead the “Heart of the Matter” Easter Season worship experiences online (“Leader-Led”) and/or to send the materials to folks to do At-Home (“Self-Led”). Please feel free to adapt for your context. You have permission to use these in any way, including live-streaming in the public sphere. The overview document tells you how to give credit.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions as you use these materials.”

Holy Friday Service from Richard Bruxvoort Colligan
My God, O My God, A Holy Friday service following Psalm 22, from Richard Bruxvoort Colligan – “In the gospel according to Mark, Jesus’ last words quote Psalm 22: ‘My God, my God! Why have you forsaken me?’  This Holy Friday order of worship follows the entire arc of Psalm 22, beginning with desolation and culminating in trust.  Traditionally, Good Friday is centered on the suffering and death of Jesus. This liturgy takes a different angle: Through a cycling rhythm of scripture, songs, silence and prayer, the emphasis is on the story of God’s compassion in Jesus Christ – the cross as a sign and signal of God’s solidarity with all who suffer. My God, O My God invites the people of God to excavate the world’s grief with the witness of resurrection hope.”   Richard is generously offering a 50% discount on this Holy Friday worship service.  Find this worship service here.

Story/coloring book for Holy Week and Easter
Ministry during the COVID-19 pandemic requires new ways of connecting with children and families. The folks at Picture the Bible created a story/coloring book for Holy Week and Easter.  You can print the book and send to your families or forward the link and invite families to print the book themselves. Either way you will provide an opportunity for children and families to learn and grow together.  This resource is provided by The Rev. Stacy Johnson Myers, First Congregational Church in River Falls.You may download it for FREE here.  The book offers:

  • A simple retelling of each story with Bible references
  • Illustrations of each story from the Picture the Bible collection
  • Five drawings to color
  • An interactive question

Easter Jam is an Easter resource that you can for FREE download here. The Easter Jam Experience includes:

  • A video experience you can download and share or customize
  • An instruction guide for the family
  • A media kit to help you share the experience with your community
The Alban Conversation: Preaching Easter online. Watch the video conversation here
Telling today’s resurrection stories

“God’s resurrecting power is not restricted to a moment in time when Jesus rose from the dead, but is power that defines God’s ongoing activity in the world in response to death and destruction.”  Read more from Alaina Kleinbeck »


Tell it again

Some stories just need to be told again and again. So it is with the story of Easter, a story that reminds us that we belong to God and that Jesus is out ahead of us, calling us to God’s future.  Read more from Nathan Kirkpatrick »


Cultivating an Easter vision

Christians can see so much decay in their midst. Yet, a life with God calls us to journey past Good Friday into Easter. Read more from David Odom »

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