Wisconsin Conference Emergency Response Fund

Grant Application Process

The Wisconsin Conference created the Emergency Response Fund to pool resources as congregations deal with critical needs.  The Conference will award grants to Wisconsin Conference UCC congregations experiencing financial hardship and those meeting crucial needs in their community.  Through the generosity of our donors, we can offer this grant to all congregations of the Conference.

The Conference provides a limited number of $500 to $2000 grants to congregations to support congregational ministry. These unrestricted grants can be used for program, staff, and facility costs related to congregational ministry. Funds can be used for a wide range of purposes, including but not limited to leadership education, programming, outreach, and technology (both equipment and consultants to make the best use of the tech).

The grant application will ask four questions:

  • How has the Coronavirus Pandemic challenged your congregation?
  • What resources have you used to respond?
  • How would you use a ministry grant?
  • How would this transform your congregation?

The short grant application form will be reviewed by the Conference. The strongest grants will not only help stabilize a congregation’s ministry but position it for ministry in partnerships with the wider community. Each congregation receiving a grant will need to share the story of how they used this grant. These stories will be shared publicly.  Congregations must be members of the Wisconsin Conference UCC to qualify.  Apply online now for a ministry grant.

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