Moderator Discusses New Conference Mission, Vision, Values

To see the Mission, Vision and Values statement click here.

Conference Moderator Rev. Zayna Thompson shares insights into the Conference Board and Staff discernment that led to the development of the new Conference Mission, Vision and Values. View Rev. Thompson’s video.

The Wisconsin Conference UCC Board of Directors recently voted to approve the new statements of Vision, Mission and Values that will guide Conference leadership.

For the last several years, the Board of Directors has sensed that the mission statement of the Conference, nearly a decade old, was no longer helpful in guiding the work of the Conference staff and developing plans for the future. Having called a new Conference Minister and new field staff, we believed the time was ripe for reexamining not only the Conference’s mission but also its vision for the future and the values that would guide it.

Board and staff devoted their September 2015 retreat to these topics, after which a small writing team distilled several hours of conversation and many chart-pad pages into three proposed statements: “mission,” “values,” and “vision.” The Board considered these drafts at its December meeting, shared them with Association leaders in February, and adopted them in the form below at its regular meeting near the end of February.

Going forward, they will be used over the next several years to clarify proposed directions and provide touchstones for decision-making related to the work of Conference staff and the Board. We also hope that they will prove fruitful in Association and local church settings, and so we invite all the people of the United Church of Christ in Wisconsin to consider how these statements can inform the work that we will do together.

With grateful hearts for our shared ministry,

Rev. Franz Rigert, Conference Minister
Steve Hirby, Chair, Board of Directors
Rev. Kerri Parker, Vice Chair, Board of Directors

To see the complete Mission, Vision and Values click here.

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