Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the officers of the Association, four members-at-large, a representative from each of the divisions, and the representatives to the Wisconsin Conference. The Committee meets on the first Thursday of most months.  The members for this year are Mark Yurs (moderator), Petra Streiff (vice moderator), James Iliff (treasurer ), Beth Voigt (acting secretary), members-at-large: Tiff Bates, Brad Brookins, Marlea Gilbert, Gail Holmes.  Division Representatives: Church & Ministry: TBA; Social Concerns: Lois Rosko.  Board of Directors Representatives: Ann Savides Dolan, Bill Kapp, Paul Karch, Kerri Parker.



Members of Executive Committee

Gilbert, Rev. Marlea
Member at large
Term end 2020(3rd term)

Tucker, Roberta
Term ends 2020

Hodel, Paul
Term ends 2020

Ceniceros, Rev. Lorraine
Staff Liaison


Boldebuck, Jacy
Term ends 2020

Beatty, Rev. Ann
Vice Moderator
Term ends 2020

Schultz, Kurt
Term ends 2020


Nominating Committee the members are: 

Rev. Mark Yurs
Salem UCC, Verona

Rev. Phil Haslanger
Memorial UCC, Fitchburg

Rev. Lois Rosko
1st UCC, Reeseville

Mary Gafner
Washington Reformation UCC
washingtonreformation@tds.net (church email)

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