Pulpit Supply List

These people have requested that the Division of Church and Ministry list their names as potential pulpit supply speakers. The Division provides this basic information as a service to our congregations. Please contact these people directly to learn more about their interests in preaching and their backgrounds. Pastors who are ordained may officiate at communion or baptism during your worship service.

Southwest Association Pulpit Supply Listing
(Updated October 2019)
The recommended honorarium for one worship service is $150.  You should expect to pay more if you are asking for leadership of more than one service.  Remember also to reimburse the guest preacher for travel expenses, including round trip mileage.

Southwest Association Pulpit Supply Listing pdf. is available here.



Rev. Lawrence Balleineballeine@tds.net
W5711 Koller Circle, Monticello, WI 53570
(608) 938-4367
Bio:  I retired from active, full-time ministry in late 2014 after serving local congregations for forty years — the last eighteen as pastor of Zwingli United Church of Christ in Monticello.   When subbing — I will follow the lectionary if that is the practice of the local church.  If I am called to speak at a “non-lectionary” church, I will either base the sermon on the lectionary texts or address an underlying theme of the particular liturgical season.


Rev. Ron Ballewpopsballew@gmail.com
4225 N. 92 Street, Milwaukee 53222
Bio: As a pastor with 21 years parish experience, my context preaching form is the African American experience with the ability to focus on the struggle of being African American in America.  I have served churches which are majority white, and have assisted them to face racism on many levels.


Rev. Luke Bocher – bocher@charter.net  
120 N 6th St, Evansville, WI 53536-1055
Bio: My name is Luke Bocher and I have recently retired after serving as a local pastor in the Wisconsin Conference UCC since 1980.  I live in Evansville.  I can preach from the lectionary if needed or preach to the needs of individual congregations taking into account the climate of the world around us.  I like to connect the scriptures to the everyday lives of the congregants.


Rev. Beverly (Bev) Davisbevblu@yahoo.com
(715) 687-4568
302 Nautilus Drive  #110, Madison, WI 53705
Bio: I am an ordained UCC minister. I reflect on past experience as Pastor, Hospice Chaplain, artist. My sermons often connect the scripture with contemporary events and life experiences. I am a second career minister. I also have written a children’s book series, entitled Great Gray, A Book about, Exceeding “NO” Expectations that address bullying, and build self-esteem.


Rev. Phil Haslanger – phaslanger@gmail.com 
10 Glen Brook Way Apt 112, Fitchburg, WI 53711
Bio: I retired as pastor at Memorial UCC in Fitchburg in June of 2017. Ministry is my second career. For 34 years, I was a journalist at The Capital Times in Madison. My sermons often connect the scriptures with contemporary events. I am happy to preach from the lectionary or whatever texts a congregation chooses.


Rev. Blair Hullrevblairhull@gmail.com
(224) 558-9022
211 South Ash Lane, Whitewater, WI 53190
Bio: My name is Blair Hull and I have recently retired as an ordained clergy person. My MDiv is from Chicago Theological Seminary and I have served churches in Illinois, California and Wisconsin as a full time pulpit pastor. The past years have been joyous, challenging and fulfilling but retirement is a funny thing for clergy like me because I know I am always called, and this call never retires. So, I would like to continue to occasionally preach and offer my services by including my name in the Southwest Association’s pulpit supply listing. I preach from the lectionary, as I think the lectionary brings me opportunities to think about different topics every time I preach, rather than relying on only standby favorites.


Rev. Jessica Taft – jessicataft@uwalumni.com 
412 Orchard Drive, Madison, WI  53711
Bio: I am ordained UCC clergy, currently taking time away from full time ministry to take care of my 3 young children.  I am a graduate of Eden Theological Seminary and I served as solo pastor of a church in Cincinnati, Ohio before my hiatus.  I tend to preach on the lectionary, but am able to preach topically, if requested.  I find it meaningful to make connections between the historical context of scripture and our lives today.


Rev. Bonnie Van Overbekebonnievano@aol.com
3002 Woods Edge Way, Fitchburg, WI 53711-5153
Bio: I am an ordained UCC minister, retired from and a member of Memorial UCC, Fitchburg, and currently serve as chair of the Bethlehem Partnership Committee, as a facilitator for a Clergy Excellence group, and as a member of the Southwest Association Church and Ministry Committee.   I have lead several trips to Israel Palestine as part of the Bethlehem Partnership and am a representative of the ecumenical Bright Stars of Bethlehem organization that advocates for the ministry of Christmas Lutheran Church as it serves the people of Bethlehem.  Because of that involvement I would like to preach and share the stories and struggles of our partners with churches in our Conference.


Rev. Julia Weaverthejweaver@yahoo.com
(608) 261-9755
115 W. Doty Street, Madison, WI 53703
Bio: I am an ordained UCC minister. I reflect on my call as a chaplain and artist working primarily with women returning to their families and communities from incarceration, backyardmosaicwomensproject.org




Robert H. Gwynnebobgwynne@aol.com
(608) 257-5761
5715 American Parkway, Apartment #203, Madison, WI 53718
Bio: I received my MDiv from Chicago Theological Seminary in 1997 after a 26 year career in Student Personnel Work at Madison College, having previously been a teacher and counselor in secondary schools in WV and CO as a graduate of Dartmouth College. I have previously been licensed by Eastern Illinois Association and Southwest Wisconsin Association to serve as interim (sole pastor) in Steger, IL and Belleville, Fox Lake and Fort Atkinson, WI, as well as by the Milwaukee Presbytery of the PCUSA to serve concurrently its church in Fox Lake. I normally preach from the lectionary, applying those texts to life in the community as reported in local and national media, preaching a gospel of reconciliation.


Sonja Heisersheiser@att.net
(608) 220-8674
133 Maple Street, Evansville, WI 53536
Bio: I am a retired authorized lay pastor, having served a small, rural congregation for 13 years.  I generally preach from the lectionary, incorporating scripture into current events as well as relating its historical significance to the culture at the time.  My goal is two-fold: to equip the congregation for the challenges that await them when they leave the sanctuary and to give them a deeper understanding and appreciation of the richness of The Word.


Alan Timm – avtimm@gmail.com 
(920) 674-0604
N3671 Willing Rd, Jefferson, WI 53549
Bio: I am a member of Grace United Church in Fort Atkinson. I am in year four of Lay Academy.  I am a former dairy farmer.  I usually preach from the lectionary but will accept the challenge of an ongoing series or special topic if desired.  My Lay Academy experience has been life transforming and I enjoy talking about that part of my life journey and what it has meant to me.  My style reflects a layperson’s interpretation of the scriptures and their message.


Kurt Schultz – kfschultz21@gmail.com 
(608) 574-1422
5150 County Road C, Spring Green, WI 53588
Bio:  I am a member of First United Church of Christ in Sauk City, WI.  I am currently enrolled as a 4th year student in the Wisconsin Conference UCC Lay Academy program. I use scriptures and translate the meanings and lessons into current life situations.  I use the model, “What can I learn from this scripture to benefit my life”.  I’m am on our Consistory and participated on a Discernment committee.  I fill in for Pastor Bill Kapp (First UCC, Sauk City) when he is unable to attend.  I assumed the pastoral Sunday duties while he was on an 8 week Sabbatical.


Terri Wolffctwolf@tds.net
(920)927-5412 Home phone
(920)763-5411 Cell phone
P.O. Box 22, Lowell, WI 53557
Bio: I am a graduate of the Lay Academy and have been an authorized Lay Pastor since November of 2005.  Since then I have helped a number of churches in the Southwest Association, along with filling in for my home church in Lowell WI where I have been a member for most of my life.  My preaching usually follows the lectionary for the given Sunday.  I am comfortable doing children’s time during a service as well as sharing the service with readers/helpers.  I am available for most Sundays.



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