Pridefest Milwaukee

June 8-10, 2018


Rev. Meredith Anderson blesses Pridefest visitors.

This year, through Queer and Allied Faith Leaders Milwaukee, we combined our booth space with the Milwaukee Jewish Federation and Unitarian Universalist Church West. Together we created “Blessed at Pridefest,” which resulted in over 500 Pridefest visitors being blessed by clergy from many faith traditions, including the UCC. Plus, nearly 3,000 people had their photos taken by a professional photographer in front of our Blessed@Pridefest banner (pictured above). Check out our Facebook Page to see some of the photos.

Rev. Becky Boggs wore this amazing stole for blessings.

As word got around about what we were doing, people sought us out. A true testament to the power of love and blessing, which exceeded our hopes and expectations! There is great power and healing in sharing God’s love through laying hands on, praying with, and blessing others.

We couldn’t have done it without UCC volunteers, Thomas, Kelly, Stephanie, Amy, Tanya, Kathy, Karin, Helena, Sandee, Nicole, Lynn,

Thomas & Kelly

and Susie who made the booth come alive by encouraging passersby to get their photos taken and receive a blessing or UCC ministers Rev. Meredith Anderson, Rev. Becky Boggs, and Pastor Christine Wilke who provided blessings

Christine Wilke blessing a Pridefest visitor.

Finally thanks to Plymouth UCC Milwaukee, First Congregational UCC Port Washington, First Congregational UCC South Milwaukee, and First Congregational UCC Waukesha for providing financial sponsorship. As Helen Keller said, “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” And we did!! We are already planning for 2019!!

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