Church and Ministry

Per the Constitution of the Southeast Association of the Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ, the Church & Ministry Team is entrusted by the Association to:

  • Grant, maintain, review, transfer, and when in accord with adopted Association policy, suspend or terminate ordained ministerial standing.
  • Grant, maintain, review and, when necessary, repeal commissioning for ministry.
  • Grant status to and aid members in discernment in preparation for ordained ministry.
  • Grant, when requested by and appropriate for clergy from other denominations, dual standing or privilege of call in the United Church of Christ.
  • Receive, assess, assist and guide candidates for ordination, commissioning, licensing, and privilege of call.
  • Call and conduct Ecclesiastical Councils of clergy and church delegates to consider, examine and approve, on behalf of the Association, candidates for ordination, commissioning and privilege of call.
  • Prepare, call and conduct the rites of ordination and installation.
  • Support, counsel, discipline and assist clergy in standing in and authorized by, and students in care of the Association.
  • Provide oversight of authorized ministries and conduct consultations and reviews in accord with the current guidelines and the Manual on Ministry of the United Church of Christ.
  • Review and respond to allegations of misconduct by clergy, officers, or congregations in standing in the Association.
  • Foster positive relations between pastors and their parishes.
  • Offer and provide resources for mediation, communication, resolution and healing.

For more information regarding the Church and Ministry Team contact the one of the co-chairpersons by clicking on their name:

Ms. Cathy Jones or Rev. Christine Wilke

Pulpit Supply

Click the link for the most recent list: Pulpit Supply 3-22-2024

The WI Conference UCC recommends the following honorariums for pulpit supply:

  • $175 minimum + mileage at .67/mile for one service
  • $75 for each additional service at the same church location
  • additional $175 minimum + mileage at .67/mile for services at 2 separate locations (yoked or shared ministry)

The SEA pulpit supply list changes frequently so please check back here often, especially before using a list you have had for a while.

To be added or removed from the pulpit supply list or if you have questions regarding the list contact Rev. Dr. Marcia Marino

Other Links:

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