Division on Wider Church Ministries

The Bylaws of the Northeast Association (in Section 8.7) describe the work of the Division as follows:

The Division on Wider Church Ministries encourages and equips Local Churches for ministries beyond their local congregations by providing resources and training related to the relationship of the Local Church to the wider Church [sic], including mission, evangelism, social justice, global partnerships, scholarships for wider church opportunities, and interpretation of Our Church’s Wider Mission support.

In carrying out this mision, the Division has recently worked on creating a grant request process, and then distributing grants, for projects in Association churches in three areas:

  • Program and event funding
  • New directions in mission
  • Discernment and assessment tools

Current grant guidelines and application process can be downloaded here.

In addition, we planned and organized the 2016 fall clergy retreat (held jointly with the Northwest Association) at Moon Beach Camp.

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