Vision of Ministry

This vision of ministry for the Northeast Association was adopted by its Executive Committee in meeting on February 2, 2017.

Authorization for ministry

  1. Work with the national setting, the Conference, and other Associations to implement a standard fitness review process (under way)
  2. Develop standards and approaches around licensure subscribed to by each of the four Wisconsin Associations (under way)

Support of Clergy

  1. Recruit and equip volunteer teams to assist with conflict resolution in local churches (under way)
  2. Convene informative gatherings from time to time for clergy. Pertinent, timely topics include
    a. Finding a basis for unity in a time of division
    b. Survival of small churches
  3. Develop ways for clergy to come together in clusters to provide mutual support

Support of lay leadership

  1. Convene gatherings of pastors designed to help them learn how to recruit, equip, and support lay leaders.
  2. Provide leadership skills training—not content-specific—for lay leaders.

Improvement of Website

  1. Recruit a small team charged with developing current, correct, and complete content for the site (under way)
  2. Newsletter editor to upload this content to the website.

Contact Us

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