Division on Local Church Ministries

The goal of Local Church Ministries is to assist local congregations to be vibrant and grow as witnesses of God’s all-encompassing love.


The purpose of Local Church Ministries is to assist local churches in their mission to care for their congregation. We can offer workshops on topics such as: worship, faith formation, leadership development, evangelism, youth ministry, stewardship, the nurturance of volunteers, scholarships, and fellowship among area churches. Sometimes a workshop is the result of a particular request; other times workshops are presented that may be of general interest.

Outdoor Ministry and Faith Formation Scholarships

Youth and Family Camping

This Division also supports the local church’s youth ministry program by offering scholarships to individuals and families for outdoor ministry. The scholarships are awarded automatically upon registering for camp at either Daycholah Center or Moon Beach. Attendees at half-week youth camps are awarded $50, while full-week youth camp awards are $100. Families registering for family camp receive $45 for half-week events, and $150 for a full week of camp. If a family does not require a scholarship, it can be declined at the time of registration, to preserve the funds for other youth.

Youth Faith Formation

We support Faith Formation Retreats presented by the Conference for NEA youth through automatic scholarships of $50 per student.

Scholarships applied to the registration costs for teens attending UCC Youth Events (i.e. Regional and National Youth Events, and Youth Trip to General Synod) are also available, upon application. Scholarship amounts for these events vary.

As of 4/26/18, we have eleven scholarships remaining for the UCC Regional Youth Event.

Lay Academy

Local Church Ministries also encourages the faith growth of adults attending Lay Academy. These adults receive an automatic $100 per-year stipend for tuition, room, and board.

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