ACM Rob MacDougall returns from sabbatical, expresses gratitude for prayers

Associate Conference Minister the Rev. Rob MacDougall returned to his duties on Nov. 1 following a three-month sabbatical, grateful for his time away and for the support and coverage provided by the Conference staff and the Rev. Dale Bishop, who stayed on top of developments in the Northwest Association.

Just before his sabbatical began, Rob’s wife, Wendy, received a diagnosis of Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Wendy started chemotherapy treatments in July and will continue treatment in the months ahead. Rob and Wendy say that they have been deeply touched by the cards, emails and prayers they have received, and that they’ve been strengthened and their spirits lifted by the love and care shown to them during this difficult time.

Rob’s return to duty will be shaped by his ongoing need to be present to Wendy and the restrictions put in place by the pandemic. Rob will be working exclusively from home for the immediate future, fulfilling his responsibilities to the Conference, local churches, pastors, Members In Discernment, Northwest Association divisions and Executive Committee by email, text, Zoom and phone calls. Feel free to contact Rob by email or by phone at 715-308-6120. In-person meetings, services and other appointments will be arranged and covered by Conference ministers and Association leaders.

Rob says he now lives his life much closer to the moment. Each day brings blessings and concerns, joy and heartache. Although he continues to make plans, Rob also recognizes that much continues to change in Wendy’s and his life, so flexibility and patience are critical for them. Feel free to contact Rob, knowing that if he is not immediately available he will respond as quickly as he can. Your prayers of hope, love and support are deeply appreciated.

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