Thursday Workshop

White Identity and Christian Faith: Reflection and Practice
June 7, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Green Lake Conference Center


Don’t miss this opportunity to spend a day with Dr. Ben Sanders III as he presents White Identity and Christian Faith: Reflection and Practice.


A controversial term in the age of President Trump, “white privilege” refers to the advantages white people are awarded as a result of living in a white supremacist society. While white privilege is most often studied in ways that gives only marginal treatment to religious faith, Professor Ben Sanders believes that if Christians are serious about eliminating white supremacy and racism in the church, we must develop a stronger understanding of how white privilege has infected Christian faith.

In this workshop, Rev. Ben Sanders (Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics, Eden Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Mo.) will use a combination of lecture, discussion, and small group work to:

  1. help participants think about how white privilege functions in the life of the church and
  2. reflect on how to practice Christian faith in more effectively anti-racist ways.

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