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Wisconsin UCC congregations engage in a multitude of great works within and beyond their congregation walls.  We love to lift up these stories – to celebrate, to appreciate and to share great ideas with others who may be seeking a new avenue for growing, giving, caring or sharing.

The theme for the 2019 Annual Meeting is “Living the Light.” During this meeting we plan to feature a video presentation highlighting how the Wisconsin UCC is living the light in congregations and communities.

Would you like to see your congregation or group’s story included in this tribute?  To be considered for inclusion in this video all you need to do is record a 1-2 minute video briefly describing your program or ministry initiative, including a scene of this ministry in action. The deadline for submission is February 28, 2019.

Video can be taken with a smartphone or camera.  Stories can feature initiatives or programs in any area of ministry – justice, worship, community engagement, spiritual formation, innovative ministries and more.

Guidelines for creating a video highlight of your program or ministry initiative

Consider including this information in your video:

  • Why did you start this project or program?
  • What was the problem or need you wanted to address?
  • Who is being served, or participating in this program?
  • What difference is this ministry making? Who is being impacted and how?
  • State your name and your church name and city in the video. Also include the name of the program or initiative you are featuring.
  • Include some video footage that shows or represents the program.  (If you have 1 or 2 digital photos showing this program we would appreciate those, too.)

Making the video:

  • Videos should be about 1-2 minutes in length.
  • It’s helpful to make a few notes and practice what you’re going to say a few times before you record the video.
  • Shoot the video with the camera horizontal (landscape) so it is oriented for a projection screen or web monitor.
  • Try to ensure that there is adequate lighting, and hold the phone or camera as still as possible.
  • Check to see that your voice will come through clearly over any background noise.
  • Be sure to get permission from anyone (adult or parents of children) who will be recognizable in the video.

Submitting your video:

When your video is ready, contact us for instructions to upload it. We will then combine your video with others we receive, add a title screen for each video, and create a presentation that will be shown at Annual Meeting.  After the meeting, the video will be available on the Conference website.

Contact Deb Simon with questions or to submit a video.

Thank you for sharing your story!

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